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The Deep Environments, Props, Etc

A grab bag of production art from 'The Deep' animated series.

James brouwer thedeep colourstages jpb

Colour and lighting concepts for surface environment through to ocean floor.

James brouwer thedeep darkorca cockpit

Early concept for the Dark Orca's bridge.

James brouwer thedeep orcans base

Unused concept for the Orcans' lair.

James brouwer thedeep s2 bewarethesentinels genericseafloor reefstonefishext concept 220316

A basic reef concept showing coral distribution and lighting.

James brouwer thedeep s2 bewarethesentinels sentineltemple entranceext greektemple concept2 150316

Concept for the underwater tomb/temple in season 2 episode "Beware the Sentinels".

James brouwer jeffreyknight design v002

Concept for the Jeffrey Knight, Jeffrey's land & sea vehicle.

James brouwer chargingpadnekton design v001
James brouwer redclaw parkingmode design v001
James brouwer handheldxrayscanner design v002
James brouwer pistolwrecksite design v005a
James brouwer qatanuiisland design v002
James brouwer qatanuiisland design v003
James brouwer qatanuiisland design v004
James brouwer seafloor creature design v004